In today’s blog, I want to show some details on how to build a microservice using NodeJS, and deploy to docker containers within any cloud. If you haven’t used Docker before, it is fairly simple. It is a new technology that allows you to run an “application container” within an […]

Building a microservice in Node and Docker

With the invention of SPA (Single Page Applications), javascript is the primary language of choice, simply because this is really the only programming languages that browsers understand. This single language has surpassed all other languages given the massive exposure it has on the web by the browsers. In the past, […]

New Business Applications using Javascript, SPA, and Isomorphic applications

React plus facebook
React is a great new library from Facebook. It takes a little to get used to, and sometimes gives a little “yikes” factor, simply because it challenges the normal and accepted way of constructing applications. The biggest yike is that it challenges a Model, View Controller concept, by implementing a […]

An introduction to React and Flux by Facebook

Managing processes and services in a cloud architecture is not a trivial task. It requires executing processes in disperse locations across disperse virtual servers running on disperse physical machines. It can be an operation manager’s nightmare to organise all of these running processes, while at the same time as reducing […]

Managing a cloud world

In todays programming terminology, many people focus on either services or products. Often this is because of the revenue generated from these two models (a sale either comes from a product or service), and to some degree, this is how it should be.  After all, we do not live in […]

Events as first class citizens

Micro services seem’s to have the spotlight today. These are small, self contained services that do a small subset of business functionality. In the old days, a single monolithic application did everything it needed to do for a given technology category (e.g.: CRM), but has it’s downside in that all […]