Matthew Lowery

IT Professional Architect and consultant, and More

Hi There. My name is Matthew.

I am a highly experienced ICT professional consultant, and digital architect, with over 30 years of solid ICT experience, and have worked for some of the most interesting organisations for Fed, State, and private companies in both Canada and Australia. I am a professional contractor only. But that is not only who I am. I am also a father, musician, writer, and so much more. 

Technology wise, Some highlights include rolling out Foxtel (local pay TV operator in Australia) as a streaming service on to mobile phones and other devices, involvement as advisor to Federal, state organisations, and private companies, and expert panelist/public speaker in the BI 2.0 summit in Sydney.

Latest role is a program solutions architect using cloud technologies in Australia. Previous roles have been held in Universities, Telecommunications, Business Innovation, Public Transport, Health and Wellbeing, Insurance, various Government agencies (both federal and state), Insurance, and Integration, including both product design and engineering for new cloud related technologies, including AWS, Azure, including a high speed API driven network provisioning across cloud providers.

I am a front end, integration, IDAM, Master Data Management, Business Intelligence, and consulting Information, communication and Technololgy expert.

For more information about me, please visit my LinkedIn profile. It would be a good start.