Yes, that is Mr. Bailey to you. He is my best friend. He is a little terror, even to the point that he is so confident (unless he hears a noise outside, or sees kangaroos out at midnight from the park I live beside)… Then he gets scared, shakes up a storm and hides under my arm.

Anyways, here he is, my beautiful boy. He loves to go for walks, chew up anything in his path (he is still a bit of a puppy), but he is the most loveable dog I have ever had. As much as he can be a pain, I just can never ever be mad at him, well not for more than a minute anyways.

He has so much character and personality about him. He loves to play, and play bite (he is so gentle while he even tries this, he is not a biter at all). He is really my best friend. The things he finds in my yard, from sticks 10 times bigger than he is, to the mess he makes dragging them in and chewing them. He really is the master of my house, hence why you must really call him Mr. Bailey.

This is Mr. Bailey. Fluffy butt.

He really does love his sticks, The mess he makes, man. hard to keep up!

But then again…he does love his walks. This is what he looks like after a walk.

I really must admit, he is a LOT of work, but damn, I wouldn’t have it any other way. He is absolutely perfect, well for me anyway.