Making a professional video at home doesn’t have to be costly, or require significant technical skills. Most professional videos can use tools like Adobe After Effects to add special effects to a video, but that is costly, and the time it takes to learn such a tool can cumbersome, confusing, and ultimately just not for the timid.  It doesn’t have to be. However, if you are a video professional, the Adobe Suite of products is a good choice, but is more for avid video content creators, or perhaps high end video development.  If you are interested in the Adobe suite of products, you can order it here.

Making a professional video

Making a professional video doesn’t have to be that hard. After all, videos recorded today are usually on a smartphone, webcam or low end digital video camera. Why become a hollywood special effects specialist just to teach or put out an effective and professional video? With most recorded videos, it is just a recording, and can be choppy, and appear unprofessional. All videos these days are recorded digitally even with your smart phone. There has got to be a way to make these kind of videos still appear professional. This is particularly useful for blog owners, or course creators, where the video content doesn’t have to be like a hollywood movie or Trailer. It doesn’t have to have a huge budget either. Just takes a bit of tools and smarts.

With all the valuable content you are providing, whether in person, or even using a presentation, you can still create a professional looking video. But the fact remains that the first 3 seconds is what will capture someone’s attention in order to get them to watch the rest. If you capture their attention in the first 3 seconds, then you will probably keep them engaged for up to 5 minutes. This is plenty of time to provide the content they are after.

Top 7 ways to make a professional video

  • Keep your video ON topic throughout
  • Use Body language appropriately
  • Talk to your viewers, not AT them
  • Share an emotional story – use body language to show “past”, “present” and “future” states.
  • Use a professional “Intro”, “outro”, or “inline” graphis to display your name, logo, or some other eye and ear capturing content.
  • Use “Inline” content to display your name, the segment’s subject or title, or other brand-able information
  • Use “Animated” videos with hand-drawing scenes

Professional Videos don’t have to be hard

Making a professional video does not have to be hard. It just has to look professional to demonstrate to your readers that you are not some run of the mill shop, and gives some credibility to the content you are talking about. Normally recording videos against a relaxed or even white background is the best to ensure the viewer isn’t distracted by other things around you. Make your video stand out by ensuring that your viewer is focused on you, and what you have to say.

Keep your video on topic throughout:

There is nothing worse than watching a video that is not on topic.

Use body language appropriately.

You are the main character in your video! Moving your hands to the left, often translates for most people as “to the right”, which leads to “their future” (being that most people are right handed). Moving your hands to the right, translates to their past. Use this effectively. Further, if you keep your hands in front of you, it points to action they need to take now.

Talk to your viewers.

Don’t talk at them. Talk to them. Let them feel like you are. Keep eye contact, and relate to them. Use a buddy to talk to while recording if necessary. This will help you connect with your viewers since you are actually talking to someone you know and trust, which comes out to your viewers, that they can trust you.

Share a story or a joke.

Break up what you are talking about every five minutes and share a story or a joke with them. It will “wake them up”, and be willing to keep going, particularly if your content is somewhat dry. Connect with your audience with a bit of emotion. A personal story is best here, as it lets your audience “feel” you with what is relevant to them. A joke with a chuckle always keeps people interested.

Don’t make your video too long.

Most people, if engaged within the first 3 seconds will stick around for no more than 5 minutes. However, if your video is longer than 1/2 hour, you will start to lose people. Keep your video short, concise, and to the point.

Make sure your video has a call to action.

Tell them what to do! Don’t let them figure it out. This is the biggest mistake most video developers make, they just give content, but no call to action at the end (whether it be to sign up for a newsletter, purchase a product, or even to join your facebook pages).

Traditionally you would need to use a tool like Adobe After Effects to do this, but now, you have another option. You can send us your raw footage, and let us “spruce” it up for you. We can add intros, transitions, inline graphics, and outros to any video (including ads, courses, or any other video footage you have.

If you would like to hire us to spruce up your video, or to create an Animated Video, we would be happy to discuss and provide a quote. Please contact us.